Certainty of God

Posted on October 1, 2013
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A pair of interesting posts from The Audacious Epigone. The first notes that certainty of God’s existence is now a minority view among young whites. That’s not really surprising given that the young have been trending towards less religiosity for quite some time. The surprising feature is that atheism in the GSS is nearly flat. Agnosticism has been increasing but the biggest change is the uncertain theist. They believe but doubt.

The other post is related noting how certain different denominations are. Perhaps unsurprisingly Mormons are most certain about God with a staggering 88.1% of self-identified Mormons saying they know God exists. That’s lower than what the Pew survey suggests — but as I’ve noted I find the Pew statistics pretty hard to think are correct.1

One has to be somewhat careful since when I’ve tried to use the GSS to get statistics on Mormons the sample size is small enough as to make the results meaningless. I don’t know the sample size for Mormons in the certainty score.

  1. They don’t ask that question but they do have 94% saying they believe God has a body and 98% believe in the resurrection of Christ.


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