Southern Alberta & Northern Montana Creeks
New Runs -not in the guidebooks

Suplur Creek - by Bull River
Class III
(rapids: III's )
Grade III-



Gold Creek- outside Blairmore
Class III to V-
(drops: one IV-, three V-)
Grade III+



Lost Creek - by Beaver Mines  
North Drywood - by Pincher Creek
Class III to V-
(drops: thee IV+/V-)
Grade IV-



South Drywood - by Pincher Creek
Class III+ to V
(drops: four III+, two IV, two V)
Grade IV-



Blakiston Creek (aka Pass Creek) - Waterton Park
Class II+ to III+
(rapids: one III- one III+)



Boundary Creek - Waterton Park
Class IV to V
(drops: four IV five V)
Grade V



Upper Saint Mary's River - by Cardston
Class II- to II
(rapids: three class II)
Grade II-



Lee Creek - by Cardston
Class II to III+
(rapids: one III-, one III+)
Grade II+



Swiftcurrent Creek - by Many Glacier & Babb
Class II to II+
(rapids: one II+)
Grade II



Reynolds Creek - by Logan's Pass
Class II to V
(drops: one V- one V)
Grade III



Siyeh Creek - Logan's Pass
Class III+ to V-
(drops: constant IV-, one V)
Grade IV



Two Medicine River - East Glacier
Class II to V-
(rapids: one class III, drops: one class V-)
Grade III-



Bear Creek - tributary of Middle Fork Flathead
Class III to III+
(rapids:constant III to III+)
Grade: III+






Southern Alberta & Northern Montana Creeks & Rivers
Established Runs - already in the guidebooks

Sheep River (bluerock & triple falls)- by Turner Valler
Class: II+ to V
(drops: one III+ three IV two V)
Grade: IV-
Waldron Falls  
Alexander Creek  
Lynx Creek
Carbondale River  
Upper Cameron Creek - Waterton Park
Class: III to V
(drops: two III two IV+ two V)
Grade: IV-



Lower Cameron Creek - Waterton Park
Class III to V
(drops: numerous III to IV+ one V+)
Grade: V







Southern Alberta & Area Waterfalls

Road side hucks and other worth while drops

Livingstone Falls
Class III to IV
-15 foot low angled slide
-no lead in
-fairly safe recirculation
-roadside access (20m)

Lundbreck Falls
Class V
-20 to 30 foot drop
-minor to no lead in
-fairly safe recirculation
-roadside access



Lynx Creek Falls
Class V
-20 foot cascade
-two part drop
-dangerous left side
-roadside access (100m)



Castle Falls
Class IV
-15 foot cascade
-minor lead in
-some recirculation on left
-cliff walls on right
-roadside access (20m)



Epi Pen (South Drywood)
Class V
25 foot melt
- three foot ledge lead in
-narrow drop with scoop to catch crossboned paddles
-small ledge sticks out bottom left
-no undercuts, minor recirculation
-often linked with two more drop
-200m hike after June 15



Blakiston Falls
30+ foot drop
-cascade to drop
-large pillow at 2/3 height
- possible undercut same location
-1.5 km hike in




Swiftcurrent Falls
Class V
-three drops 15 feet, 10-15 feet, 10-15 feet
-continuous except for top drop
-shallow landings on middle drop
-double pour over on last drop
-most likely run
-roadside access


St. Mary's Falls
Class VI
-two linked pour overs 15 feet, 10-15 feet
-top drop feeds into very narrow wedge
-bottom drop has wood on entrance
-severe undercut 50 feet down from 2nd drop
-second drop run
-2km hike in or Siyeh + Reynolds creeks


Two Medicine Falls
Class V-
- 20 foot pour over
-lead in
-minor recirculation
-deadly left side strainers
-lead in can feed left
-short hike in from side road, or Two Medicine River



Railroad Creek Falls
Class VI?
-30 foot chute
-minor lead in
-shallow pool in tight canyon
-roadside access (10m)
Falls Creek
Class VI
-50 foot
-no lead in
-poor aeration
-1.5km up Falls Creek access hike


image from American Whitewater






Trip reports & general river info
Usually blog reports or partially complete information

Lower Saint Mary's high flows Boundary Creek  
Lower Saint Mary's play spots    
Belly River play spot    
Sheep river report    
Dearborn river scenic float    
Upper Saint Mary's access map    
Two Medicine River    



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Cataract Creek - class V Johnston Canyon - class V   Skookumchuck River - class IV
Etherington Creek - class V Waiporous River - class II+   Upper Astoria - class V
Kananaskis River - class III Sheep Creek (Red Deer Tributary) - class V-   Spillimacheen - class V
Pipestone - class IV Ram River - ?   Brierlies Play Spot - class III
Redearth Creek - class V Smith Dorrien Creek - class II   South Drywood - class V
Sheep River (triple ledge) class IV - V     Cataract Creek - class V
Elbow (falls run) - class IV - V     Big Timber by Bozeman - class V
Upper Astoria - class V     East Rosebud by Bozeman - class V?
Lower Astoria - class IV?      
Beauty Creek - class V      
Bighorn - class V      
McCleod - class V      


Links to other online guidebooks for Alberta & Area
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Bull Canyon - class III to IV

Upper Bull - class II to III

Wigwam - class III+ to IV+

Upper Elk Canyon - class V

Upper Lower Elk - class IV to V

Lower Elk - class III+

Kicking Horse - class III to IV

Bobbie Burns - class III to IV

Toby 7 Canyons - class V

Middle Findlay - class III+

Lower Findlay - class V+

Middle Bugaboo - class V

Yoho - class V

Upper Astoria - class V

Upper Fraser - class V

Brewstwer Creek - class II?

Junction Creek (by sheep) - class IV?




Class - what most of the distinct rapids go at

(rapids or drops) - the character of the dinstinct features. While things obviously change, and rarely only have one type of feature, this can give a general idea of what to expect from the run

Grade - a combination of the average rapid class and commitment level. Think of it as what you should be comfortable paddling to enjoy the run. Usually the river grade is just a bit below what you would "call" the river. This is because you can usually port isolated features. A river grade close to the river class usually means constant rapids, must run features, or rapids with unusually sever consequences. Remoteness water temperature and logs may also play a factor.


maps courtesy google maps for cardston alberta area