The Future of Apple Hardware

Now that a week has passed I think we can evaluate the implications of what Apple showed last week. To me the neglected part discussed was the touch pads. Why are they so big? I don’t think Apple gave a good reason at the Event and no one else has really explained them well. If you look at them they’re the size of a large iPhone. I think there’s something to that.

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The Lost Market of Apple Hardware

The somewhat overheated fervor reacting to last week’s Apple Event is finally over. It’s now worth reconsidering the meaning of what Apple released.

First I think we’re starting to see that there is a gap in Apple’s product line. It probably is a gap Apple left unfulfilled for good reasons. That said it is also a market that Apple could easily dominate.

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New Year

So it’s a new year with new resolutions. I’m actually bringing on employees so my load shouldn’t be quite so big as it was this fall. That’ll (hopefully) mean more posts. Also since I have employees again I’ll be doing a lot of automation and automation based posts.

Happy New Year and I hope the next year brings even more exciting stuff.

PS if you’re a regular reader you might be interested to know that my chocolate company1 won the New York Times taste test of best bean to bar chocolates. Check it out. We’re really proud of our work with our chocolate. We’re also really proud of having helped shaped the bean to bar industry here in the US.

Edit: Obviously things didn’t work out as planned. But posts are coming soon. Lots of people have asked me to get back into blogging. I’ve just been doing more philosophical blogging of late.

  1. My primary company is a computer company specializing in linguistic and text indexing software. But I’ve returned to help my other company this last year to get it back on its feet after some unfortunate events with investors and employees.

Fixing iTunes

So I’m completely reorganizing my iTunes. Somehow, and I can’t figure out how, half my media is on my internal drive and half on an external drive. I tried to use the File > Library > Organize Library >> Consolidate Files to do this but so much of the media were large 1080p video that iTunes choked on it. (And didn’t clean up the copied files properly) Fortunately while I was at Costco today I noticed they had a 5 TB backup drive for only $130! Yes. I couldn’t believe it either.

I’m now running consolidate files to this external drive. I can then, after consolidation, delete a lot of the older media files then do a more proper backup of my media again. (I already backed up most of it to two separate drives)

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Apple TV

After all those comments over the years on the Apple TV I probably should chime in on it. First in terms of software it’s everything I’ve wanted. Yes a few features aren’t there yet (Siri for Music, universal search that really works) but it’s what I’ve wanted for years. It’s hard to find a lot of faults in the software honestly.

Here’s the problem. The hardware.

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Daylite 6

I’ve not posted much the past few months. Work has taken most of my time. Still I thought I’d chime in and mention there’s a new Daylite out. Here’s the MacStories review. Christmas is my busiest time of the year so I don’t know when I’ll be able to review it. Hopefully I’ll have something in January.

I’ve actually not bought my copy yet. I’m trying to decide if I go for the cloud version. I probably will as I’ve had a lot of problems of late syncing to my iMac at home even with tunneling set on my router. Primarily because I don’t have a fixed IP address. I was using one of those free dynamic IP services but it was extremely flakey. Calculate in all the hassle of having to use a more robust service and suddenly the extra for the cloud version starts to make sense.

Initial Apple TV Thoughts

A few people wanted me to share my thoughts on the new Apple TV. I’d ordered mine opening day but oddly they were available for purchase at Best Buy before mine even got shipped out. The short review is that the product feels rushed. Lots of missing features that will likely get added over the next few weeks. Rather than a real review here are short thoughts on various points.

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Future of TV

Lots of stories that Apple’s TV like service is postponed at best to 2016. Since Apple’s been working on this for years but networks like Fox, NBC & CBS don’t want a deal I think we can probably say the deal will never happen.

The problem is that the economics of TV are all base upon bundling of services. So you buy 20 – 30 channels even if only 5 – 6 of them are channels you want. People say they just want “the channels they want at a reasonable price.” That is, they want their Discovery channel but not ESPN. The problem is that likely is just not economically feasible when you move to ala carte that means fewer people order each channel so the costs go up not down. This is especially true for basic cable channels like ESPN. Speculation is that an ala carte ESPN could easily cost $30 per month.

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Trying to figure it all out a post at a time