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Metadiscussions about the blog and news about its goings on.

New Year

So it’s a new year with new resolutions. I’m actually bringing on employees so my load shouldn’t be quite so big as it was this fall. That’ll (hopefully) mean more posts. Also since I have employees again I’ll be doing a lot of automation and automation based posts.

Happy New Year and I hope the next year brings even more exciting stuff.

PS if you’re a regular reader you might be interested to know that my chocolate company1 won the New York Times taste test of best bean to bar chocolates. Check it out. We’re really proud of our work with our chocolate. We’re also really proud of having helped shaped the bean to bar industry here in the US.

Edit: Obviously things didn’t work out as planned. But posts are coming soon. Lots of people have asked me to get back into blogging. I’ve just been doing more philosophical blogging of late.

  1. My primary company is a computer company specializing in linguistic and text indexing software. But I’ve returned to help my other company this last year to get it back on its feet after some unfortunate events with investors and employees.

The Old Blog

I’ve received a few questions via Twitter and email about what happened to the old blog. Well it went like this. I had a few servers I was trying to reduce to a single server. Many of the uses of the old servers weren’t relevant anymore and it seemed silly to keep paying for co-location.1

Before doing anything I dutifully made backups of all my data including my various blogs that had collected from over the past 10 years or so.2 Unfortunately what I neglected to do was try to restore the blog on the new host before canceling the old servers. In context this made a lot of sense. Blogging is a hobby I do in spare moments. The servers were tied to various companies and getting those issues resolved was the real focus of the procedure. Blogging was just a low priority side note.

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  1. Yes, these servers were that old from before all the wonderful new virtual server offerings. I’ve combined all my servers on Bluehost for 1/20th of the cost. (Admittedly I don’t need full Linux access anymore, so that helps). These days if I were going to write code I’d almost certainly use a combination of Azure, AWS and a few other such services. Ten years ago that was less of an option.
  2. Including one from around 2002 that was hand written using a CGI based Python script to do the comments and posting. Static blogging before static blogging was cool.

Comment Policy

Originally I wasn’t going to have comments over here at the new blog at all. While spam at the old blog wasn’t that bad, it seemed like the past six months more and more was getting through. Not a lot. Maybe one or two a week. But enough that I felt bad if I wasn’t checking. Unfortunately I often just didn’t have time to check.

Comments are ridiculously valuable though. As those of you who’ve read comments here have noticed, they are often far more insightful and knowledgeable than anything I say. So I really want to keep them.

The new plan is that comments are auto-approved if I’ve approved one of your comments before. If I haven’t then I apologize in advance. You’re comment may be in limbo a few days until I find the time to check the comment queue.

Blog Look

I just discovered that KickingBear is using the same WordPress Theme I am. I feel bad about that. (I’ve been reading KickingBear in rss and hadn’t noticed their theme) I originally picked this theme just because I was in a rush trying to convert things over. (I sadly discovered that while I’d carefully backed up the old blog it was in a SQL database and WP changed their table format slightly so I couldn’t import them properly. I’ll try and figure a way to do so if I can.) I’ll try and shift the theme a bit so it isn’t quite so close to KickingBear.


Clark’s Tech Blog is back from the dead. I’ll be doing a mix of new stories along with reposting some of the best tips from my old blog. Sorry for the delay getting it back. What was supposed to have been done over the Christmas vacation took much longer than anticipated.