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Apple with TB on USB-C

Apple filed a patent for using a USB-C connector as an universal connector including thunderbolt. No idea if that means they’ll do it. But it is interesting given some were predicting this.

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    The story about a rumored MacBook Air with a single port has generated a lot of discussion the past few weeks. My favorite discussion was over at Ars and is still ongoing. I'll skip the discussion of the Air itself. While it seems like an odd design to me, I wouldn't put it past Apple…
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Tech is Dead

Oluseyi on Tech is Dead. Really insightful analysis on how the whole tech business but especially Apple has changed. Analogy is probably car enthusiasts even as working on cars becomes tied to diagnostic computers and fewer and fewer things people can fix. The Apple Watch feels so alien to many of us because it’s Apple’s first steps outside of the general tech market. (I’d say it bridges the worlds, but definitely isn’t just tech)