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Tech is Dead

Oluseyi on Tech is Dead. Really insightful analysis on how the whole tech business but especially Apple has changed. Analogy is probably car enthusiasts even as working on cars becomes tied to diagnostic computers and fewer and fewer things people can fix. The Apple Watch feels so alien to many of us because it’s Apple’s first steps outside of the general tech market. (I’d say it bridges the worlds, but definitely isn’t just tech)

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Silver: Swift for .NET

“Silver” brings Apple’s Swift language to the .NET and Java worlds. It brings the language not the Cocoa libraries though. Sounds like they added exceptions to let Swift work with .NET or Java better. (Personally I think Apple should add exceptions too, but I know people at Apple really don’t like exceptions and use them just for a very limited set of errors)

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    Nick Lockwood has one of the best discussions of Swift exceptions I’ve found both in terms of design, problems and benefits.
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    There were some big changes to Swift this week. The most surprisingly controversial one was the adding of “exceptions.” I put those in quotes because they are quite unlike traditional exceptions in C++, C#, Java or Python even though I’ve called them Pythonesque at times.[1. I think I called them…
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    How to merge Apple Photos libraries. Unfortunately requires sufficient iCloud space.
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Keyboard Maestro Macros

A nice collection of Keyboard Maestro macros. Some of these are obvious and if you’d use them you’d probably figure them out. Some of them are a bit more clever so it’s worth reading through the list and perhaps downloading them.

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    Launchbar action for browsing your Keyboard Maestro macros. This seems really useful. I’ve not tried it out yet.
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