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Lego EV3

Lego Ev3

We’re going to be doing home schooling with our son this fall due to a few issues I won’t get into. (It definitely wasn’t our first choice but seems to be the best one) One thing I wanted to do was get him into programming. Since he loves Lego I broke down and bought the latest Lego Mindstorm. Unfortunately while the previous generation (NXC) had some great programming languages, like C, for it the current one doesn’t. (Yet)

There’s a version of C called RobotC is in beta. Unfortunately it’s PC only. I’ll almost certainly snag it once it becomes available. I’ve not tried the beta yet though but it sounds like it’s still fairly rough. Some people have got it running in a virtual machine. I may try that later this week. There’s a version of C++ as well called BricxCC which I plan to install as well. Again sadly (and surprisingly) it too is PC only. 

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