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The Aperture Kerfuffle

So Apple released news today that Aperture is no more.1 You’d think they’d have learned after the Final Cut Pro mess and the iWork mess how to make these announcements. John Gordon captures well what they should have done. I think users understand that Lightroom kicked Aperture’s butt and that sales were decreasing. I think they understand that sales have dropped to near nothing with nearly all pros having already left. What they can’t accept is Apple trying to hide the news by announcing it via Jim Dalrymple’s blog with nothing prepared. Again, you’d think they’d have learned by now.

All they had to do was have Tim Cook come out, announce that because of low sales they aren’t going to be major new releases but that Apple would continue maintenance releases. Further they announce this as they have a new version with the export features so people can move to Lightroom. Trying to get metadata not to mention projects and smart albums into Lightroom is a nightmare according to those who’ve tried. The issue isn’t Apple killing a dying product.2 Rather the issue fundamentally is why people should trust Apple with their data when they’ve pulled this three times in a row.

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Brief Keynote Thoughts

Well that was all very unexpected. Apple did a ton of things I don’t think many expected. It sounds like they really are listening to developers. While it wasn’t everything developers wanted it was darn close. All that was missing was a new filesystem and 3rd party apps with full access to the computer ala Gatekeeper available for iOS and on both app stores. Oh and demos and updating pricing. But beyond those I think everything I had on my wish list was there.

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Headed to SF

So I’m going to be in SF for WWDC. But oddly not for WWDC. I have an other business I’ve not been as involved in of late but I’m helping out with some meetings. So I’ll be there but probably won’t be doing anything computer-like. Rather I’ll be dealing with manufacturers and restaurants. Still in honor of WWDC I figured I’ll do my predictions before all the main podcasts do.

Honestly this year I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Last year we knew there was going to be a revamp of iOS and new it was going to be flat looking. But most of my other predictions were way off. This year we know Ive is going to redesign OSX the way he did iOS. We suspect it’ll probably adopt a lot of iOS style, the way the whole “back to the Mac” move of the last two years has done. It makes switching between a MacBook Air and an iPad Air more easy and natural. How much will come over isn’t clear. More interesting is the long predicted inter-application communication. I was sure that was going to make an appearance last year. I suspect the rumors of a two app view in iOS are more related to this than really running two apps together. But I could be completely wrong. 

In any case here are my predictions:

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