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Ignition Jailbreak Tweak

The Ignition jailbreak tweak lets you run CarPlay on your iPad. This is very helpful for those developers who might now wish to pay $700 for a Pioneer CarPlay system. You can test on an iPad. However playing with it I found that it was actually helpful for driving in your car. There are subtle differences that do make the experience better. I’m not sure it’s worth jailbreaking your iPad for, but it is something to check out. (If only to find out what the limits of CarPlay are) 

Multi-Item Edit

The more I use iTunes 12 the more I find equal parts annoyance and happiness. There are a lot of little UI fixes I wished they’d done years ago. Yet, continuing the process started by iTunes 11, heavy tagging by power users has become more difficult. In particular using the Get Info window to tag numerous files with the same tag no longer works. Fortunately Multi-Item Edit from Doug’s AppleScripts comes to the rescue. This gives you a window akin to the old school Get Info window to make batch changes in iTunes.

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On Extensions

Probably the most exciting feature of iOS81 is Extensions. Right now there are only a few extensions. They also are far more convoluted to set up than they should be.2 The ones I’m using are the 1Password extension and the Instapaper extension. They finally let me use those apps from Safari on iOS the way I could on OS X. I’d actually stopped using Instapaper as much just because of hassles. I’m starting to put it back into my workflow more.

As excited as I am about extensions on iOS8 I might be even more excited once OS X starts using them as well. It seems to me that telephony should become extremely powerful on OS X given a combination of Hand Off and Extensions. I’m really looking forward to OS X apps dialing a number using my iPhone.

Now I’ve not looked up on this in too much detail. There have well complained about bugs and limits developers have encountered. This is a functionality I’ve wished OS X had since the iPhone was first introduced years ago. Too bad it took so long.

  1. Beyond Siri actually finally recognizing my voice. If you’d given up on Siri give it an other try.
  2. I’d be completely shocked if the interface isn’t significantly simplified in iOS9.

TextExpander Keyboard for iOS

TextExpander is coming out with a custom keyboard for iOS. TextExpander has always been crippled on iOS. Apps had to use clunky url exchanges to use it and typically only the indie developers bothered. This new keyboard, if it works well, should make a lot of TextExpanders happy. I use Keyboard Maestro on the Mac rather than TextExpander since I tend to use meta key macros more than expansions. I’ve not decided if this would make me consider TextExpander on iOS. If only because I just don’t do extended typing on iOS.1

The keyboard I’m most looking forward to myself is SwipeSelection. Apple even changed the keyboard API to make keyboards like SwipeSelection possible in iOS8.2 If TextExpander including sensical cursor movement in their keyboard ala SwipeSelection I’d probably get it immediately. Although it should be a selectable option. I actually found on my iPad I’d frequently turn SwipeSelection off. The way I rested my palm tended to accidentally move the cursor at times. (Ideally SwipeSelection would have a way to avoid this issue)

The keyboard market of iOS8 is apt to be initially quite crowded. While TextExpander is the established player a similar system apparently is Quickboard.

  1. Yes I know the value of expansion in Messages but again I tend not to message much on my phone.
  2. With beta 3 of iOS8.

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Developers, the iOS Line and Reactive Design

The great Brent Simmons linked to me about my brief comments regarding universal apps and the new form factors of iOS devices. I always respect Brent’s views and enjoy reading them. I think he’s wrong here though. He thinks that while Apple may push Universal apps it won’t require them. I’d be shocked if, a year and a half from now, the separate iPad/iPhone categories don’t disappear. I suspect they’ll maintain some semblance of them for legacy apps but will start requiring all new apps be universal. Again it won’t happen quickly. Give it a year and a half. It’s coming.

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