Upcoming Calendar Event Script

John Gordon, over on ADN, wanted a script to make a nice printable itinerary for date ranged Calendar events. Being me, I tried to do the general solution. This lets you specify the days in the future and will produce an event list for it. I don’t have much call for this as since I […]

Checklists vs. To-Do Lists

A small thing, but an important point. Checklists and To-Do lists are different. There is a neat distinction between a to-do list and checklist. Checklists are a documented process, for something that you do daily, and do to list is something you assembled yourself and you need to do at certain point of your day. […]

Use Siri with Appigo ToDo

Use Siri with Appigo ToDo. Great new feature and I love the new shortcut to make lists.

On To Do Lists

Jeff Attwood did a writeup on the evils of to-do lists last week. I’ve kept meaning to provide a bit of a rejoinder. Then yesterday Gabe did a brief comment on it. Here’s my thoughts.  1. Most people think they are more organized than they are. 2. Not everyone has a lot of tasks to […]

Address Book Server

So I was revisiting the old problem of syncing address book information. There are a few ways to sync just the contacts. Syncing the groups along with the contacts is a much more difficult problem. There used to be a few apps that synced computers among your local network. However it appears most don’t work […]

Natural Language Events

A lot of people have been talking about programs like Quickcal that let you quickly add events to iCal using natural language. However this is pretty trivial to do with a quick Python script. Admittedly it won’t have quite as nice an interface although you could expand the script below easily. For simplicity I just […]

Thoughts on Google Apps

I’d mentioned a few weeks back about my switching much of my mail over to Google Mail. The reasons were two fold. Firstly my server somehow got put on a spam blacklist and I couldn’t get it off. Needless to say this led to a lot of lost mail. The second reason was to have […]

My Ultimate ToDo Management

I think I’ve finally found my ultimate organization system. I’ve been using Appigo ToDo for years. It syncs with iCal using Appigo Sync. But I was never fully happy with this. I tried various other services such as Toodledo and Remember the Milk but wasn’t happy with those either. However Appigo just came out with […]

Salesforce and the Mac

I just started using Salesforce for CRM. I’ll probably have some posts on automating stuff with SalesForce over the next few weeks.. One thing I already found is an open source Mac sync that looks quite useful. It syncs contacts, events and tasks from Address Book and iCal to Salesforce. What I’m not sure about […]

Make an iCal ToDo

As I had discussed I have a nice little iPhone application that syncs my ToDos from iCal to my phone. What I want to do is have an universal control key that allows me to quickly enter a To Do as soon as it comes into my head. (i.e. not have to open iCal) This […]

ToDos, iPhone, and iCal

I’ve reached that stage of life where things are complex enough I need to start having better ToDo management. Thus far I’ve just been sending emails to myself. I have an IMAP directory just for things I’m supposed to do. Then emails that include requests or tasks I need to do (say from a client […]