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WWDC Predictions: iOS

This is the second of my WWDC predictions focusing in on iOS. Obviously given the amount of shared code a lot of this will apply to OS X as well. My Apple TV WWDC predictions can be found here. My old iOS9 wishlist can be found here. I think this WWDC will be at least as significant as the introduction of iOS7 and its new UI. So I’m splitting these predictions up into product line.

I think iOS9 will have changes both fixing UI issues and long standing bugs but also with a much bigger focus on productivity apps. Apple knows the iPad is in trouble. It’s growth curve hasn’t just slowed but is decreasing year over year. Expect Apple to give one more big push on the iPad. If sales don’t pick up next year prepare for it to be “neglected.” This really is a turning point for Apple’s whole strategy going forward. Most suspect OS X and iOS will merge. But the very notion of a merger depends upon what happens with iOS in terms of productivity. Will we get a more productive iOS or will Apple simply make running iOS apps on the Mac easier? Expect moves in both directions but primarily on supercharging iOS.

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Remote App: A Modest Proposal

I’ve not written much of late primarily due to just being so busy. However Gruber put up a tweet that made me think about the Remote app for the Apple TV. Apparently the Apple Watch has a remote app that’s actually useful for controlling the Apple TV. Color me surprised.

Now in some ways I love the Remote app. It makes typing quite easy however it’s just so clumsy because it takes so long to connect to the AppleTV. That lag means you’re apt not to reach for your phone. Throw in that it doesn’t have modes for the various oft used apps on the Apple TV and you end up with just a dumb remote. Typically I only draw out my phone when I’m going to be using YouTube and doing a bunch of searching.

Gruber mentions that the Apple Watch Remote stays active when it was the front most app. So every time you raise your wrist it’s ready to go. Why can’t they do that with the phone?

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Ignition Jailbreak Tweak

The Ignition jailbreak tweak lets you run CarPlay on your iPad. This is very helpful for those developers who might now wish to pay $700 for a Pioneer CarPlay system. You can test on an iPad. However playing with it I found that it was actually helpful for driving in your car. There are subtle differences that do make the experience better. I’m not sure it’s worth jailbreaking your iPad for, but it is something to check out. (If only to find out what the limits of CarPlay are)