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Fix TV Shows MetaData in iTunes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a good script here. My apologies. Life’s been busy. Here’s a good one some of you might like. 

For a long time I’ve been using Identify to look up metadata for videos in iTunes. It worked reasonable well. Of late though it hasn’t worked as automatically as it used to. Far too often I have to swing over to my browser, do a search in IMDB and copy the media ID from the URL, add it to Identity and then make Identify look again. That wasn’t that bad although it was kind of defeating the point of the app somewhat. Then the last few months I found it wasn’t even finding metadata for TV shows even when I put the media ID in from IMDB. Since most of what I rip are TV shows this was more than annoying.

Several people at the Ars Forums suggested I switch to Subler. This is nice as Subler’s an open source app. The one downside is that Subler is really overkill for what I’m doing. It’s designed to do a lot of the same thing that Handbrake does. In fact you can use it in place of Handbrake quite regularly depending upon what you’re doing. The problem is that Subler’s metadata tagging is really designed to be done before you add your file to iTunes. If you’re trying to fix metadata in iTunes it’s not nearly as convenient. You can do it, but it would be nice to automate the steps so you can simply select a few dozen files from a DVD rip and let it go. 

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Get Old Get Info

Get the old Get Info window back in iTunes 12. I actually prefer the new one, but I agree that having to click “add field” is annoying.

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iTunes 12

Tidbits has a good post on iTunes 12’s interface.

I don’t think it’s as bad as some. But let’s be honest. 11 was a huge step back from 10 — not the least of which was losing multiple windows. I like how they’ve cleaned it up compared with 11. That said I don’t understand why they changed some things and left long standing annoyances. If you’re going to change the Get Info window as much as they (and it looks fantastic) at least get rid of its modal behavior. There are several annoying bugs such as several of my TV shows not having artwork show up properly. I’m sure they’ll fix that quickly though. My biggest complaint is that several tagging apps like Identify stopped working with it.

On the U2 Kefuffle

There’s been a lot of rather silly discussion of Apple’s U2 promotion with people getting unwanted U2 in iTunes. I could understand the uproar were it something patently offensive to many people such as highly misogynist, sexual, racist or violent lyrics. It’s harder to understand when it’s simply some unwanted U2.

All that said the real issue isn’t just the U2 album but how it’s basically impossible to delete “purchased” items from the cloud. I can’t help but imagine that if the album was easy to delete the uproar wouldn’t have occurred. At a minimum the backlash would have been attenuated. I bet Apple won’t see this as a general problem but just a problem with this album. It’s not.

I’ve “bought” quite a few free books for my kids from iBooks. Most were horrible and I’d love to delete most them so they don’t show up. But there’s no way to do it. So far as I know this is true for purchased videos and music as well. 

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