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On the U2 Kefuffle

There’s been a lot of rather silly discussion of Apple’s U2 promotion with people getting unwanted U2 in iTunes. I could understand the uproar were it something patently offensive to many people such as highly misogynist, sexual, racist or violent lyrics. It’s harder to understand when it’s simply some unwanted U2.

All that said the real issue isn’t just the U2 album but how it’s basically impossible to delete “purchased” items from the cloud. I can’t help but imagine that if the album was easy to delete the uproar wouldn’t have occurred. At a minimum the backlash would have been attenuated. I bet Apple won’t see this as a general problem but just a problem with this album. It’s not.

I’ve “bought” quite a few free books for my kids from iBooks. Most were horrible and I’d love to delete most them so they don’t show up. But there’s no way to do it. So far as I know this is true for purchased videos and music as well. 

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