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Initial Apple TV Thoughts

A few people wanted me to share my thoughts on the new Apple TV. I’d ordered mine opening day but oddly they were available for purchase at Best Buy before mine even got shipped out. The short review is that the product feels rushed. Lots of missing features that will likely get added over the next few weeks. Rather than a real review here are short thoughts on various points.

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Das Keyboard Review

Nice review of the Das Keyboard 4 Pro. I look at these every few years but I tend to use a lot of keys in my setup. I loved at old Northgate keyboard I used to use. I still like the keyboards Apple had before its current chicklet keyboards. I have a few of those stashed away.

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Appigo ToDo

ToDoI saw a review of Appigo ToDo in my feed and thought I’d throw in a mention myself. I really should give some short reviews of my favorite and most used apps. I know I will often buy an app just on the recommendation of people I respect like say Dr. Drang or MacDrifter.1 I’m not saying you should buy what I use, but perhaps some might like to know what I use.

Appigo ToDo is definitely one of my most used apps. I’ve never read any of the main GTD books but the general ideas seem fairly easy to grasp. Appigo has that nice ability to move from simple to complex without demanding a lot of structure the way some GTD apps do.

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  1. I don’t always end up agreeing with them, but I trust them enough to try the software out.

Evaluating Daylite Part 1

I said a few weeks ago that I was testing out the CRM app Daylite. I gave my original thoughts there but promised a deeper discussion of the app. I know a lot of people were curious about how my evaluation went. I’ve also had a lot of questions come my way. I have a ton of notes from my evaluation. I figured the best way to discuss the app was in terms of workflow. So I’ll have several posts each focused on a different aspect of workflow. 

I did end up buying Daylite. There are a lot of frustrating aspects to the app, but I simply liked it far better than most of the alternatives. Especially when compared with web apps like Sugar CRM or Salesforce. The version I tested (5.0.3) is vastly improved over the version (3.5) I tested a few years ago. However for every great feature there is something that just leaves you scratching your head. Hopefully the developers will read these posts and perhaps adjust the app somewhat in response. I’m not saying my views are right – workflows are very personal. How I use an app is certainly not how everyone else will use it. Likewise I’m still learning the app. I apologize in advance if I complain about not being able to do something when I just am ignorant of how to do it.1 

These posts will be half review and half suggestions for using Daylite that I’ve found. They’ll be quite involved. I’ll try and include a few tips too. Please don’t hesitate to correct me or ask questions.

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  1. That said I have sincerely looked for how to do things.

Circus Ponies Notebook

Circus Ponies Notebook

One of my must have apps is Circus Ponies Notebook. For long form notes such as from a lecture or for taking notes on a book or paper nothing is better. I just found out they newly released version 4 for OSX. It’s only $19.95 for an upgrade for version 3 users or $49.95 if you are a new user. A version is also available on the Mac App Store for $59.99. It looks like the main limit on the MAS is that clipping features are not supported nor voice annotation due to sandboxing issues. So get the non-MAS version. Especially since even the MAS doesn’t support iCloud it seems. (Both the iOS and OSX version support Dropbox sharing though) 

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