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Seeing Snow Leopard Through Rose Colored Glasses

Surprisingly the griping about Yosemite is still going on. As I’ve frequently said I think people are remembering Snow Leopard through very rose colored glasses. Indeed the stories about Yosemite if anything remind me of all the griping about Snow Leopard at the time. Consider for example this Gigaom story “Snow Leopard: This Cat Has Fleas” (Great title)

After nearly a year in release, Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard still seems be a work in progress.

I keep trying to upgrade to Snow Leopard, but always end up back with Leopard. I have both operating systems installed, using separate partitions of my MacBook’s hard drive, and keep thanking myself that I didn’t cut the umbilical cord to Leopard when I installed Snow Leopard late at OS 10.6.3.

This was hardly alone. A quick Google from the era found lots of stories about people downgrading to Leopard from Snow Leopard.

Even major news outlets like the Christian Science Monitor compared Snow Leopard to Microsoft’s Vista disaster.

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Master Meta Key

A few years back at the predecessor of this blog1 I had a post on making a master meta key. It was largely inspired by a blog post by Brett Terpstra and also Dr. Drang. I’d just refer people To Brett’s great post but it’s a tad dated at this stage. For instance the applications he mentioned have been renamed. Since having a master meta key is so great, here’s an updated version of my old post.

I use a lot of macros and it’s nice to have keys that don’t conflict with the application. Its also nice to have memorable keys so you can actually remember what your shortcuts are.2 Mainly I just hate my caps lock key and wanted to make it more functional.

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  1. While I had a backup of the blog, the database format Word Perfect used had changed meaning I couldn’t easily restore the data at the new site. I’m sure it was the sort of thing that had I worked at it I could have fixed. However at the time I didn’t have much time and now I have enough posts here that it’d be a bit of a pain. Every now and then I have some ask where some post they linked to went. I can but say sorry. Most of the scripts are still up at GitHub though.
  2. If you use Keyboard Maestro a good tip is to both create a hotkey and a status menu item. Then you can look at the status menu to remember your keystroke.

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Easy Way to Sync Folders

I’ve been bad at keeping the actual productivity post to commentary post ratio high here. At the old blog the majority of my posts were about productivity and scripting. I’ve not had time the past couple of months to do this here. So here’s a tip I just gave to someone on Ars.

What’s the easiest way to sync a folder between your laptop and desktop? There are lots of ways to do this. I’ve found the simplest way is Dropbox. The problem is that Dropbox only syncs what’s in the Dropbox folder. However you can use symlinks to sync any arbitrary folder.

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