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New Office

As you may have heard there’s a new preview of MS Office out for OSX. If you’re curious Jason Snell did a nice overview today. Ars has a nice ongoing discussion about it as well with active feedback from one of the main developers. Overall I’m very excited about it. It looks vastly better than any version of Office has looked since the classic Mac days. I’ve mostly switched to Apple’s iWork for everything. I suspect I’ll still use it a lot. However Apple’s recent regression still hasn’t fully been fixed yet. There are several areas where I find iWork very frustrating.1

There are a few problems, such as some issues with font rendering (no sub pixel anti-aliasing) and some unusually high CPU activity at times. Overall though I’m very happy about it. I do wish they’d lose their toolbar in preference for a sidebar like iWork uses or even better the old floating windowoid Microsoft used to have. Screens tend to have excess space on the sides rather than the tops.

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  1. Primarily it still has very limited Applescript support and its ability to print labels is vastly inferior to MS Word’s.

Solid iWorks Review

Really thorough iWork review up at Ars. It shows again why Ars remains one of the best tech sites on the web.

I’d add a few things. First to avoid font problems make sure you add the fonts you use on OS X to your iOS device using AnyFont. I use quite a few custom fonts in Keynote presentations and this lets me continue to use them. Likewise I have some Pages templates with custom fonts. While I don’t print often from iOS, it’s nice to have the option.

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