ToDos, iPhone, and iCal

I’ve reached that stage of life where things are complex enough I need to start having better ToDo management. Thus far I’ve just been sending emails to myself. I have an IMAP directory just for things I’m supposed to do. Then emails that include requests or tasks I need to do (say from a client […]

Python, XCode and OSX based GUIs

I have to confess that I rarely do GUIs with Python. If I need one I often just whip one out with Automator if it’s just simple drag and drop of files I need. Otherwise I tend to use wxPython just because it is dirt easy to use but seems a little easier than the […]

3G Speed and Reliability

PCWorld has up an article about 3G speed and reliability from various carriers. This graph has most of the relevant information. AT&T is typically slightly slower than Verizon but much less reliable. Surprisingly unreliable. They didn’t survey where I go. But one hopes that AT&T will improve things. Otherwise if the rumored Verizon iPhones turn […]


OK, a second request for any suggestions for naming this blog. (Yes this is that same post from a couple of weeks ago) “Clark Tech” isn’t exactly a google-friendly name. Plus it sounds kind of dopey. I’d like to do for tech what Kulturblog does for entertainment. So if you want to be a co-blogger […]

Backing Up

For the last few years I’ve used various Python scripts to do specialized backups. The scripts call rsync which is a very nice program that only copies files if there is a difference between the source and target files. It also uses compression and can backup across networks. You can also use hard links trick […]

Using pbcopy and pbpaste

Two of the most useful shell commands on OSX are virtually unknown. They allow you to pipe to and from the clipboard. They are called pbpaste (which prints the clipboard to stdout) and pbcopy (which takes stdin and puts it on the clipboard). The names seem weird but come from the old NeXT days when […]

Applescript Shell

I prefer to script, as much as possible, in Python + Appscript. However sometimes it’s just more convenient to do it in Applescript. (Actually, some of the shorter Python scripts I do would probably be better done in Applescript – but I like doing them in Python so I can quickly extend them when the […]

Terminal, cd and the Finder

If you are like me you often want to open a terminal window to the current location in your Finder window. The typical way people do this is to click and drag on the name of the window and drag it into the terminal which pastes the path. That’s a pain though and you always […]

Aliases and Symbolic Links

I don’t really use Aliases in the Finder much. I find myself using symbolic links created with ln -s nearly exclusively. Aliases, introduced way back in the early Mac days are actually far more powerful in their way. (They can automount devices for instance) But many applications don’t properly handle them – especially unix tools. […]

Making Applescript More Useful

The best way to really leverage Applescript is to turn on GUI scripting and enable the Script menu in the menu bar. Go to Applications > Applescript > Applescript This is a nice little application Apple supplies that will turn these on. I’ll not talk about GUI scripting but it lets you control things […]

iPhone Tethering

OK, I found the easiest way yet to enable tethering. I’m keeping the old hint (below) just in case you have trouble with this hint.

iPhone 3.0

OK, I know there are lots of iPhone users on the list. Did you download the 3.0 update today? If so, what did you think? I’ve only had a short time to play around with it and here are a few thoughts.

Python & Appscript Tools

You may have noticed most of my hints make liberal use of both Python and Appscript. I’m convinced that Applescript is the worst language ever written that somehow managed to become popular. It’s easy to read but amazingly annoying to actually code in. The only reason it is popular is because Apple has a great […]

Check if Safari is Done

How do you tell if Safari is done loading a page? There actually are quite a few ways and some work better than others. I’m largely following this hint. All the versions I’ve seen are in Applescript. I’ve not seen any in Python and Appscript though. (Note: I’ve only tested this against Safari 4 while […]

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