Treadmill Desk

OK, this post from the iPhone Development blog about a treadmill desk is a great idea. I have a Bowflex treadclimber that has been seldom used of late which I’d love to purpose for this. The basic idea is what to do when you are doing 10 – 12 hour days and constantly dealing with […]

TextMate Shell Commands

New shell commands for TextMate2. These actually look quite interesting.

Fuzzy String Matching

Fuzzy string matching in Python. They only mention it, but I’d advocate throwing soundex in as well. It’s been very useful for me as I often guess phonetically when I can’t spell something.

Updating Security

Updating security over the holidays. Updating all my passwords is on my todo list as well for the next few weeks. I think it’s something you ought do every now and then. Just in case.

Install SSHFS

Install sshfs via Fuse on Lion (HT: Siracusa)

Power Users & Developers

The Power User and Developer Tool List.  There were a few I wasn’t familiar with I need to check out.

API Predictions

API Predictions from O’Reilly. Are Enterprise styled APIs going to become more widespread?

On Twitter

A lot of people have been talking of Twitter of late. I saw Drang’s latest post and thought I’d say a few things too. I’m a late coming to Twitter. I’d signed up long ago but couldn’t figure out the point. At first I thought it was a great way for a business to keep […]

Better Tagging

Suggestions for better tagging. I have to admit I’ve not been good about tagging of late. I got swamped. Fortunately I have some scripts to help me a lot on this.

Thinking in Workflows

Thinking in Workflows (HT: Mac Automation Tips)  I use QuicKeys and iKey before that but the same way of thinking applies.

Some Thoughts on TextMate 2

A lot of people are talking about the alpha for TextMate 2 that came out this week. First off I’ve pretty well switched entirely to BBEdit. I admit I still fire up TM occasionally. Less and less though. My last two big gripes of BBEdit were quick access to files in a project and a […]

iAds: Not Dead Yet

iAds: I’m not dead yet! I think Apple had more than a little hubris when they introduced them. I hate ads in apps though.

What’s With the QuicKeys Delay?

A lot of us have been wondering why there hasn’t been a QuicKeys update in ages. Startly just put up a post about what happened. Apparently the main developer died and they are trying to find someone to take up the development. On the one hand that’s not the best of news as many features […]

Against the Jailbreak

So I jailbroke my iphone over the weekend. After a day I did a clean re-install. Why? First even the semi-untethered jailbreak is a royal pain. (The semi-tether means you can reboot in safe mode and use all your Apple applications but not your Cydia apps) The problem is that the jailbreak of 5.0.1 even […]

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