Saying Goodbye to Siri?

Marco has up an interesting post about people abandoning Siri. Now I don’t use Siri much as I have an iPhone 4. My wife has an iPhone 4s though and I’ve played around with it a fair bit on her phone at home. I personally love it. I frequently get short messages (especially from my […]

Locate Photos in Google Maps

Locate your photos in Google Maps.  If you use iPhoto just hit ⌘I and it’ll automatically display the location of your photo in a small map. However Drang’s script is still useful to examine depending upon what you are doing.

Rich Text to Clipboard

How to generate rich text onto the clipboard. Uses the textutil command. I had some hacks using PyObjC but I arrived at a similar solution a few years back.

App Store and APIs

Michael Tsai notes apps are already being constrained by the app store limits. This is because some APIs only work if your application is in the app store. Right now that’s primarily iCloud but it’ll almost certainly increase in the future. I’ve been calling this as a problem for a  long time.  It wouldn’t be […]

Reinstalling Lion

So I reinstalled Lion for the first time. I was pretty nervous. However I’d uninstalled Logme In Hamachi and my bootup kept hanging around the time the airport was configured. (You can easily make OSX boot up in verbose mode to see where it was hanging)  At first I was worried it was a hardware […]

Leaving QuickBooks

My salesperson had convinced me last year to start doing all my invoicing in QuickBooks. From day one I’d hated it. Yes, it has some great features. Primarily you can associate a salesperson with each invoice and then generate a report each month list the breakdown of the invoices for that salesperson. It makes it […]

Callable Objects in Python

Simple callable objects in Python. Nice short explanation for things that maintain (and change) state.

Embedding Python in Obj-C

Embedding Python in Obj-C. Not something I’m likely to try, but it was pretty interesting reading the discussion. It’s an interesting alternative to PyObjC.

Automator Scripts and Day One

There’s a nice little discussion of Automator and Day One that seems pretty interesting. I actually had got a copy of Page One back in December when I realized how many things my kids had been doing that I didn’t have recorded. It used to be I didn’t care as I could just remember everything. Plus […]

iBooks & OSX

Weird that iBooks Author is available for OSX but there’s still no iBook reader for OSX. (Unless I missed it in all the details) Kind of surprising given how many people I know who loved the iPad have moved to MacBook Airs. I’d definitely read books on my Mac. Right now my only choice is […]

Official Twitter Client: Second Thoughts

When the revised iOS official Twitter client came out a couple of months back there was a lot of griping. Some of the gripes were quite valid. Too big of margins and so forth. Admittedly some of my initial complaints turned out to be false. I couldn’t find saved searches and trying to find how […]

Ring Profiles for iPhone

There’s been some inexplicable kerfuffle over the iPhone mute button the past week. You’ve probably read most of the blogs and twitter feeds discussing this so I won’t bore you too much with the details. Basically some people (primarily Mac Break Weekly’s Andy Ihnatko) think the mute button should mute all sound including alarms and […]

Note Taking

Note taking for the 21st century. Nice discussion and resources for how to take notes. I use Circus Ponies Notebook often using the Cornell note taking method or else just as an outliner. (Dependent upon whether I’m taking notes on a book or meeting) I’ve never used the concept mapping of note taking although some […]

BBEdit Markers

Macdrifter on using BBEdit’s Markers. I have to admit I’ve not used them at all but it’s an interesting article. You may think of uses for them.

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