Easier Copy/Paste for Scripting

If you, like me, primarily script with Python dealing with the clipboard is a pain. You can either handle it manually with PyObjC or use the deprecated Appscript. Currently my scripts are about half and half. I just noticed there’s now a library, Rich Xerox, which will take care of this for you. Unfortunately it doesn’t do conversion between rtf and html for you. But you can just call textutil from the command line to do that. 

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Solid iWorks Review

Really thorough iWork review up at Ars. It shows again why Ars remains one of the best tech sites on the web.

I’d add a few things. First to avoid font problems make sure you add the fonts you use on OS X to your iOS device using AnyFont. I use quite a few custom fonts in Keynote presentations and this lets me continue to use them. Likewise I have some Pages templates with custom fonts. While I don’t print often from iOS, it’s nice to have the option.

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Sync Folder to iTunes

An interesting script to sync a folder to itunes. (HT: Rocket Ink) I don’t think I’d want to use it due to the problems of deleting entries from iTune if the track isn’t in the file system right then. (Yes, I speak from experience – but it’s an even bigger problem I suspect with iTunes Match) 

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