Android Auto vs. Apple Carplay

Interesting video comparing Google Android Auto vs. Apple Car Play. (HT: Gruber) Apple’s clearly going more for the “drive as undistracted as possible” mindset that makes most car controls so frustrating. The Android UI honestly seems a little more useful since it’s not so tied to Siri. I understand why they do that but I’d like the option to actually see messages, for instance. Kind of surprised Apple doesn’t at least let you see the album art for your music. 

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Date Scripts

Dr. Drang’s been posting a lot of scripts he uses the past while, including some date scripts. Since I’ve not figured a way to bring over all the posts from the old blog in an easy fashion, it might be worth revisiting my old date scripts. I use these a lot with Keyboard Maestro.

Nearly all my text expansions, whether with the default System expansions1 or ones in Keyboard Maestro start with a semi-colon. That way they don’t get confused with words I’d be typing normally.  

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  1. Under System Preferences → Keyboard → Text if you don’t know about them. The system ones are somewhat limited but work well and sync between iOS and OS X from what I can tell. I primarily use the system ones for pure text modification. I have a lot setup so I can type things like ;-> and get →.

Changing Formatting with Swift

Someone on Ars asked about Applescripting to highlight text in Mail. Now there actually are some easy ways to do this if you go into GUI scripting in Mail. However there are also some limits. I looked at the problem thinking I might just modify some old Python scripts. However I quickly realized nearly everything I was doing was Cocoa so I decided to do it in Swift instead.

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