On Dropping Thunderbolt

The story about a rumored MacBook Air with a single port has generated a lot of discussion the past few weeks. My favorite discussion was over at Ars and is still ongoing. I’ll skip the discussion of the Air itself. While it seems like an odd design to me, I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do it. What’s more interesting to me is the discussion about whether Apple will abandon Thunderbolt on its devices. To see if this works we have to look at what USB-C offers. Anandtech has a great writeup I’m largely following here. It’s worth reading to get into the nitty gritty.
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Ignition Jailbreak Tweak

The Ignition jailbreak tweak lets you run CarPlay on your iPad. This is very helpful for those developers who might now wish to pay $700 for a Pioneer CarPlay system. You can test on an iPad. However playing with it I found that it was actually helpful for driving in your car. There are subtle differences that do make the experience better. I’m not sure it’s worth jailbreaking your iPad for, but it is something to check out. (If only to find out what the limits of CarPlay are) 

MBP Heat Issues

Sterling Hirsh of iFixit has a widely shared post on putting holes in a MacBookPro. As Egg Freckles pointed out, most logic board issues are GPU issues and most GPU issues are due to heat. All the MBPs I’ve had have had to have logic boards replaced due to GPU issues. My current MPB is rebooting spontaneously several times a day but is no longer under warranty. The cost to replace the logic board (~$500+) just isn’t worth it given the age of the computer (5 years). I do think this is a constant problem with these devices though.

I’ve found much more happiness of late with an iMac combined with an iPad for travel. However that’s possible just because of my current workflows which are more conducive to using the iPad. I think iOS still is woefully ill suited for serious production. Some of that is Apple’s fault but a lot is the fault of developers who don’t optimize or frequently even test their apps with keyboards. It’s shocking how often one has to touch the screen to jump between fields, for instance.

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