Changes in Apple Blogging

One thing I notice as I read my rss feed and twitter. Posts about computers have changed a lot in recent years. The types of posts I used to love — hacks or tweaks that make things work better — are much rarer now. I thought about why and it’s largely because things either work or they don’t. When they don’t often there’s not much you can do about it anymore.

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    How to merge Apple Photos libraries. Unfortunately requires sufficient iCloud space.
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    I know there are lots of reasons why Apple wouldn’t buy Twitter. However let’s look at the reasons why they should.  o Bring on talented cloud employees. While Apple’s definitely doing better in cloud services they still are talent starved according to many reports. o Bring on an establish social…
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Das Keyboard Review

Nice review of the Das Keyboard 4 Pro. I look at these every few years but I tend to use a lot of keys in my setup. I loved at old Northgate keyboard I used to use. I still like the keyboards Apple had before its current chicklet keyboards. I have a few of those stashed away.

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Tech is Dead

Oluseyi on Tech is Dead. Really insightful analysis on how the whole tech business but especially Apple has changed. Analogy is probably car enthusiasts even as working on cars becomes tied to diagnostic computers and fewer and fewer things people can fix. The Apple Watch feels so alien to many of us because it’s Apple’s first steps outside of the general tech market. (I’d say it bridges the worlds, but definitely isn’t just tech)

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Todays Apple News

I’ll skip the discussion of the watch because as I said yesterday, I’m just not that interested in it. If you are go for it. Just be aware that traditionally 1.0 hardware releases from Apple age quickly. The original iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air became obsolete rather quickly and were initially quite limited. For a $1000 watch or $10,000 watch that’s a big deal. Most people I know buying expensive watches like the mechanics of the watch. Despite being in the same price range this is something quite different. It was also telling that Apple didn’t announce any way to upgrade the watch. So if you put down $1000 you may have a watch that’s semi-obsolete in two years. While they’re targeting the rich with these high end watches, I suspect most people paying that amount of money expect the device to work as well in 10 years. That’s quite unlikely with the Apple watch.

What’s more interesting to me is that the rumors of the thunderboltless retinal Air were true. I discussed the issue of USB-C then. The biggest problem is that while USB-C can do video it’s fairly limited. Go up in resolution terribly far and you lose most of the USB features of the connector. 

The big debate back in January was whether this would indicate Apple’s dropping Thunderbolt. While I wasn’t expecting the new Air to be released today – primarily due to some rumor sites saying it wasn’t ready – it unfolded about as I expected. By keeping the existing Air and MBP lines as is I think we’re seeing a strong indication from Apple that Thunderbolt is here to stay. It just appears that Apple is positioning the new Air as an ultraportable laptop with associated tradeoffs.

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    Against my better nature, let me make some predictions for next week’s Apple event. I had low expectation for the iPhone event because most was pretty easy to figure out months earlier. The only surprised was Apple Pay but that didn’t really excite me much. This event, even though it’s…
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On Tomorrow’s Event

I’m not too excited about tomorrow’s event. I know it’ll primarily be about watches and I also know I’m not apt to buy a watch anytime soon. I just hate jewelry — watches especially. Back in school I’d wear one so I’d know the time and always take it off during class. I just hated the feel of it on my wrist. And of course after a few months I’d invariably forget it and loose it. By the time I went to college I just stopped wearing watches and have never regretted it since. 

For the Apple Watch to matter to me it’d have to do a lot. I like the idea of workout stats. But it’d have to do a lot more and most importantly do them well. Inaccurate sensors are worse than no sensor at all.

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New Office

As you may have heard there’s a new preview of MS Office out for OSX. If you’re curious Jason Snell did a nice overview today. Ars has a nice ongoing discussion about it as well with active feedback from one of the main developers. Overall I’m very excited about it. It looks vastly better than any version of Office has looked since the classic Mac days. I’ve mostly switched to Apple’s iWork for everything. I suspect I’ll still use it a lot. However Apple’s recent regression still hasn’t fully been fixed yet. There are several areas where I find iWork very frustrating.1

There are a few problems, such as some issues with font rendering (no sub pixel anti-aliasing) and some unusually high CPU activity at times. Overall though I’m very happy about it. I do wish they’d lose their toolbar in preference for a sidebar like iWork uses or even better the old floating windowoid Microsoft used to have. Screens tend to have excess space on the sides rather than the tops.

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  1. Primarily it still has very limited Applescript support and its ability to print labels is vastly inferior to MS Word’s.