Future of TV

Lots of stories that Apple’s TV like service is postponed at best to 2016. Since Apple’s been working on this for years but networks like Fox, NBC & CBS don’t want a deal I think we can probably say the deal will never happen.

The problem is that the economics of TV are all base upon bundling of services. So you buy 20 – 30 channels even if only 5 – 6 of them are channels you want. People say they just want “the channels they want at a reasonable price.” That is, they want their Discovery channel but not ESPN. The problem is that likely is just not economically feasible when you move to ala carte that means fewer people order each channel so the costs go up not down. This is especially true for basic cable channels like ESPN. Speculation is that an ala carte ESPN could easily cost $30 per month.

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Twitter for Apple?

I know there are lots of reasons why Apple wouldn’t buy Twitter. However let’s look at the reasons why they should. 

o Bring on talented cloud employees. While Apple’s definitely doing better in cloud services they still are talent starved according to many reports.

o Bring on an establish social network for Music. The original Ping failed due to Facebook pulling its service integration at the last minute. Right now let’s be honest, Connect is by far the weakest part of Music. Integrate who  you follow with Twitter and push sharing playlists and songs by Twitter will improve the social aspect of Music by magnitudes

o Provide a broader platform for iAds. iAds is the ugly stepbrother right now. By integrating it with Twitter Apple can push it’s privacy philosophy as well as making iAds much more formidable an offering.

o Twitter can offer better ways to do the App Store. There are all sorts of integrations with the App Store Apple could do.

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