New Year

So it’s a new year with new resolutions. I’m actually bringing on employees so my load shouldn’t be quite so big as it was this fall. That’ll (hopefully) mean more posts. Also since I have employees again I’ll be doing a lot of automation and automation based posts.

Happy New Year and I hope the next year brings even more exciting stuff.

PS if you’re a regular reader you might be interested to know that my chocolate company1 won the New York Times taste test of best bean to bar chocolates. Check it out. We’re really proud of our work with our chocolate. We’re also really proud of having helped shaped the bean to bar industry here in the US.

Edit: Obviously things didn’t work out as planned. But posts are coming soon. Lots of people have asked me to get back into blogging. I’ve just been doing more philosophical blogging of late.

  1. My primary company is a computer company specializing in linguistic and text indexing software. But I’ve returned to help my other company this last year to get it back on its feet after some unfortunate events with investors and employees.