Initial Apple Presentation Thoughts

Not a lot to say. Other than the very well thought out UI for the watch, everything was about like rumors said way back in the early spring. Sadly this was the first announcement of this sort since the initial iPhone announcement where I felt extremely underwhelmed. There’d been times when, like a Christmas morning expecting one particular toy, I was disappointed.1 But I’d never felt underwhelmed before. I want to be careful. I didn’t think the iPad would be the hit it was. So take it with a grain of salt.

I just can’t quite figure out how many people would want the watch. I didn’t see that Apple made a compelling need case for it. Say what you will about Jobs. But he always had a killer function — even for the iPad. Exercise seems to be the attempt for the watch, but even that isn’t that compelling given the limits of the watch itself.

As for the phones. Only a 20% speed increase. No RAM increase. And no new compelling features at all beyond size. For many of us larger, despite the Anrdroid market, is a big step backwards. I hope that in the future they move to keeping the 4” form factor as the low end but put the latest chip inside. Because the 4.7” (the smallest) is just too big for my use. I remember the days when having a small phone was a plus.

Don’t get me wrong. I think having larger phones as an option was important. I just wish they addressed better the small end of the market.

No other announcements, but last year there was a separate iPad announcement. So there’s still hope for those of us expecting a new AppleTV.

The only big surprise for me was the release date of iOS8. I’ve been using it for about a month and a half regularly. I thought it needed a bit more time but I guess this is it. I’m curious as to whether Yosemite gets released with it (unless I missed that) since quite a few iOS8 features depend upon Yosemite features and vice versa. (Primarily hand off, but also iCloud drive) The latest build of Yosemite was a huge step up. All my bugs are fixed although I think it could use a bit more time in small stuff. While in many ways it’s a much bigger update than Mavericks was, in a lot of ways it feels like less of an update. It’s hard to put my finger on why that is.

  1. Yes I’m talking AppleTV app store and interapp communication. Although we got most of that with iOS8 finally.

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  1. My primary cause of disappointment was the fact that the watch wasn’t a complete surprise, thanks to all of the rumors (aka spoilers). When I see a link to an Apple rumor article, I avoid reading it, which keeps me ignorant of the details. But if the very existence of the watch had been completely unknown before Tim Cook revealed it today, that would have been pretty sweet.

  2. Only 5.5 model gets optical stabilization but more pixels on screen require more RAM which is missing. Price is evidently going up. If the price of 5s/c goes down, Android folks are more likely to buy those leaving 6 as an upgrade for Apple faithful.

  3. And no new compelling features at all beyond size

    So no compelling features except for the features intended to be compelling? This is a fun game, can I do it?

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