Aperture Slideshow

Posted on June 7, 2013
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If your Aperture slideshow is missing images check to make sure you created previews. I guess sometimes raw files don’t get previews. Now that Flikr is more or less unlimited I’ve started putting my best photos there. My TV screen saver is my best of Flikr shots. Unfortunately Flikr killed the rss feed for sets so there’s no easy way to display them as a screen saver. Aperture & iPhoto should show up in the Slideshow Screen Saver but don’t for some reason. They do show up for Desktop images.


  • http://tech.kateva.org John Gordon

    The yshould definitely show up Clark. Could your photo libraries have atypical permissions? If you create a brand new Library, does that one show up?

  • Clark

    I don’t think so. And if I did, why would they show up for backgrounds?