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Posted on November 7, 2013
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While Apple works on restoring lost functionality to iWork many will want to continue to use the old ’09 versions. The problem is if you need to install them on a new machine. If you’ve already downloaded ’09 (or have the DVD) then there’s no problem. Even when ’13 was installed it kept the ’09 versions in a subfolder. Apparently if you have a pre-Mavericks machine and try to download Keynote, Pages or Numbers it’ll offer you the ’09 version. However if you are on Mavericks and never have had the ’09 versions I don’t know if there’s any easy way to get the ’09 versions.


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  • Allen B. MacKenzie

    My related question is: If you have a backup of a machine that has iWork ’09, is there an easy way to install it onto a fresh Mavericks machine? (I have Time Machine and SuperDuper! backups.) Can you just copy the iWork ’09 folder out of the backed-up Applications folder? I have a machine that really needs a clean OS install, because I have a system problem that I haven’t been able to fix in any other way. But I’m slightly nervous about being able to install iWork ’09.

    • Clark Goble

      You should be able to just restore it with Time Machine without problem.