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I’ve not posted much the past few months. Work has taken most of my time. Still I thought I’d chime in and mention there’s a new Daylite out. Here’s the MacStories review. Christmas is my busiest time of the year so I don’t know when I’ll be able to review it. Hopefully I’ll have something in January.

I’ve actually not bought my copy yet. I’m trying to decide if I go for the cloud version. I probably will as I’ve had a lot of problems of late syncing to my iMac at home even with tunneling set on my router. Primarily because I don’t have a fixed IP address. I was using one of those free dynamic IP services but it was extremely flakey. Calculate in all the hassle of having to use a more robust service and suddenly the extra for the cloud version starts to make sense.

2 thoughts on “Daylite 6”

  1. Why would you switch to a new software release on day 1 or 2 dafter its release?

    Daylite 5 has been rather buggy … I am curious if Daylite 6 gained some stability. I am also curious if some of the more serious bugs were fixed, especially SSL connections and DAV synchronization.

    1. I haven’t yet. I’m going to wait until January. Not just because I don’t want to run a potentially buggy bit of software but because I’m just too swamped to look at new software right now. After Christmas hopefully.

      I’ve not encountered too many bugs but I am hoping Daylite 6 will allow easier dialing from OS X to iOS using the capabilities introduced with Yosemite.

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