As ADN Dies Pnut Rises

ADN is marked to die any day now. It’s sad since I think it’s been the most interesting thing to happen in social media for quite some time. It had its rough edges and the community, as great as it was, also had some rough edges. Still I had much better discussions there than on Twitter or Facebook.

It looks like the alternative to ADN is going to be pnut which in many ways appears to be an ADN clone with a fairly similar API. Some ADN clients like Chimp have already been ported to the new API. I just barely started using it after getting an invite. (I think it’s still closed for beta testing) Still I’m very excited about it. About the only downside is a limited number of people. (There’s only around 250 beta testing it from what I can tell) I suspect it’ll take a few months to get ready for prime time, but I’m excited about the idea of a real Twitter alternative focused on discussions rather than outrage links. 

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